5-Year Warranty - Dry Effect Restoration of Cincinnati

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5-Year Warranty

Dry Effect will make written recommendations after remediation. These recommendations are designed to minimize or prevent mold from returning. If the written recommendations are not followed and mold returns as a direct result of a disregard of our recommendations, the 5-year warranty may be voided at the discretion of Dry Effect. Dry Effect reserves the right to determine warranty eligibility on a case by case basis. This warranty implies that Dry Effect will address and re-clean any future mold growth that reoccurs in areas where our previous remediation took place, during normal home and building operating conditions and under normal moisture and humidity conditions. The Dry Effect 5-year Mold Free Warranty may also be voided by an act of nature beyond the control of Dry Effect or our Clients. These events include, but are not limited to,  pipe bursts, water leaks, flooding, hurricane or tornado damage, rain damage, accidental or intentional flooding or water damage.

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