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What To Do If your Office Gets Flooded

Imagine a day where your office is flooded with water, isn’t it scary? Besides panicking, what would you do? Whom would you call? Would you leave or stay?

Emergencies like this may happen unexpectedly, anytime and anywhere. It is essential for everyone to know the best way to handle these situations and be prepared for them.

How would you begin? Where to begin from? Always Remember Safety First! We have listed some effective tips for everyone to know what they can do if their office gets flooded:

Find the Main Water Source & Stop it:

Dry Effect Water Shut Off

It is important to check if there is any plumbing valve that has broken and is leaking. In case you are unable to cut-off the valve or you cannot find the break, it is recommended to turn off the main water supply valve. If you are unable to do this, the first thing that you need to do is call a qualified tradesman or a plumber. Moreover, the fire department can also help.

Remove the Standing Water:

Remove as much standing water as you can if the water source was clean (P.S. Make sure to learn about the water source.) It is advisable to always use a UL approved wet/dry vac. You can also use white, clean towels, blankets, Linens or even bedspreads to restrain the water and restrict it from penetrating into the unaffected areas.

If the source of water is not clean such as sewer, do not try this and immediately call professionals to help you out.

  1. Pro Tip: A household vacuum cleaner is not approved for cleaning.

Keep Track of the Valuables:

Remove all the expensive items like light furniture, curtains, or paintings to an unaffected area. If there are heavy pieces of furniture that you can’t move, try to place plastic or aluminum foil under its legs. If the furniture is stable at its base, try putting wooden blocks or Styrofoam under it. Make sure to have copies of any items/papers/documents that are important and store them in a place that is not likely to flood.

  1. A Quick Tip: Clean off any water that may have splattered onto the furniture.

Call Water Damage Restoration Professionals:

It is difficult for any office space to experience such situations. So, you don’t have to wait for the right time, just call the experts in this field. They will help you in recovering from the situation as soon as possible.

Water damage restoration professionals understand the hazardous nature of a water damage loss and would respond quickly, even if it is in their busy or odd hours.

Identify The Type of Water:

Not all waters are the same. There are 3 types of water that you need to understand:

  1. Clean Water: This is the simple water from the pipes with no harsh chemicals. This type of water is safe to remove and possess the least amount of health hazards.
  2. Gray Water: This type of water may contain contamination and may cause sickness or discomfort. This water is dangerous for health and should be immediately addressed by a trained professional.
  3. Black Water: This is the most hazardous water. It contains very harmful elements such as water from ground surface water, sewer back up, or seawater. Do not try to stay in contact with it or handle this type of water. A professional water damage restoration firm can help you in effectively restore your office.

It is vital to understand these types of water along with what type of precautions you should take if you experience floods at office.

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