A leaking basement is one of the worst issues to face as it could lead to a flood which will adversely affect the building’s integrity by ruining the foundations. This is why basement waterproofing is so important.


This process involves several methods all aimed at preventing water from permeating the basement of a building. This includes basement crack repair and the application of sealants.


Done properly, basement waterproofing can save you a lot of trouble, however it is not always easy to choose the right Basement Waterproofing Specialist for the job.



Things to Avoid When Hiring a Basement Waterproofing Specialist

To ensure that you make the right choice, these are a few things you should avoid when looking to hire a Basement Waterproofing Specialist:


Making a Choice Solely on Price:

It is always a good idea to try to spend as little money as possible whenever you can, but cutting corners is not advisable when going for this process. When you choose cheap contractors because you are trying to spend as little as possible, you could end up with a terrible job done that will result in a problem much more expensive to handle than a leaking basement and you would have avoided this if you had just paid for a proper job to be done. Never make your choice by simply shooting for the cheapest option. Instead get yourself a reputable contractor with rates which fit a reasonable budget.


Neglecting to Ask For Referrals:

Advertisement and company propaganda is one thing, but a referral is the best marketing tools. A company could claim to do something well, but it could all just be false unless you get to hear from their customers. This is why businesses now value testimonials, ratings, and customer comments so highly, and even put them directly on their website for new customers to see. It is the same with basement waterproofing. If you cannot find referrals, or testimonials, find another contractor and save yourself trouble.

Failing to Make a Written Agreement:

It is important that before you hire a contractor, you spell out all of the services that they will be delivering, the price at which they will be delivering said services, and the time in which these services will be completed. Once these are known, put it in writing. An oral contract will not suffice. They could end up bringing up new terms you never agreed to, or backing out of terms that they agreed to, claiming they said no such thing. When everything is made crystal clear in writing, there would be no confusion as the document can be referred to at any time to make sure everything goes accordingly.

Not Checking For Credibility:

When looking for someone to handle your basement waterproofing, you should make sure you go over their credentials. This isn’t a job to get your neighbor’s handy son to do for you. It is a terrible idea to have an unqualified contractor to work on your home. Make sure that you get a contractor who’s registered with national and local home-building associations.

Rushing Into the Process:

Having a leaking basement requires quick action, but still it is unwise to rush into the process of basement waterproofing. It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the various processes available, and figure out things like if you need basement crack repair. Take out time to carefully consider everything you need, plus your budget to ensure that you get what is best for your home, and what would not put you under excessive pressure.



Basement Waterproofing Processes

There are many systems of basement waterproofing available.

Baseboard System:

These are systems which by design sit atop the slab floor where the ground connects with the walls and require holes to be drilled into the core of each block to allow for drainage. It is designed to control the water trapped between the block walls. Water which happens to be below the floor will not be affected by this drainage system until it reaches the height level that would ordinarily leak into the living areas. This method is the cheapest and most simple. It requires the installation of a sump pump and a crock.

Gutter System:

This system is placed at the base of the walls on the footer. Holes are then drilled into each block’s core to allow drainage. This way the system can work on water trapped in the wall and also the water trapped under the floors. This system however might sometimes lead to vapor transfer into the home or even water on the floors if there are cracks in the flooring. This requires the installation of a sump pump and a crock.

Drain Pipe System:

This involves installing a perforated drain pipe along the perimeter of the footing, and inside it. It is best when placed below or beside the footer of the foundation. It acts as an added six to eight inches below your basement floor, making sure the floors are dry and as little water as possible comes into your home. This is the most effective system of all. It also requires the installation of a sump pump and a crock.




When faced with a leaking basement or needing basement crack repair, quick action is needed as this can blossom into a real threat to the building. However, a rushed job will do more harm than good. It is important to look for a proper Basement Waterproofing Specialist to handle the workings in your home as otherwise you might be faced with even bigger problems than you had originally begun with.

Go over the contractors in your area, check out their certifications and references, then compare and contrast to check which of them best fits your budget.

Making mistakes is normal, but with this article you now know all of the things to avoid and make the best choices for your home.


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