Cincinnati’s Best Choice for Thorough, Sensitive Hoarding Cleanup & Junk Removal

For those choosing to clean up a hoarder’s home themselves, arranging the right help, safety gear and trash equipment in order to clean the home can be a nightmare.

While hiring a professional trash removal and cleaning service might seem expensive, when you consider the final value it is one of the best investments you can make. Dry Effect is a complete hoarding cleanup company that can handle any job no matter how simple or complex. Call us today to discuss your particular Cincinnati cleanup needs. One of our helpful staff can come to your site or simply answer your questions right over the phone. Put your worries behind you! We don’t just provide hoarding cleanup, we provide a fresh kind of cleanup!

Hoarding cleanup should only be performed by people that are trained in dealing with hoarding and the often associated psychological disorders. Consequently the cleanup of a hoarding house can often lead to anxiety, depression and rage, even when the hoarder is willing to have their home cleaned. Therefore, the training our crews receive for Cincinnati hoarding cleanup addresses these issues and how to reduce the feelings a hoarder may feel. Above all, it takes special training and experience to understand and help everyone through this emotional process.

Why choose us for hoarding cleanup?

  1. If you know of someone that may be in serious risk in their home, contact us. Therefore, there is no shame or embarrassment, and you can trust that we will treat your family with respect and dignity.
  2. If you need help, you will get a reliable, experienced team that is always carefulcourteous, and considerate.
  3. If you’re worried about who to call, please know that we have experience in helping people that may be considered hoarders, or pack rats.
  4. Our team has experience in working with Cincinnati city and county officials for mandatory clean outs. When our clients are facing crisis situations, we can help. We understand what needs to be done to stay in the home.

We understand that the “clutter” people have accumulated over time is full of memories.  For that reason, our team knows how tough it is for people and their families to seek help. But we also know your belongings are not all junk and that eliminating the “clutter” and even trash is sometimes difficult or emotional. Certainly, you’ll have peace of mind in knowing you made the right call.  And the only way to do this is to find a fresh kind of cleanup – Dry Effect!