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Can You Die From Mold?

Molds are usually not a problem indoors unless they find a wet place to land on for their vigorous growth. Molds are one of the biggest threats to healthy homes, particularly when infestations of toxic black mold occur.

However, all molds, whether toxic or not, ought to be of concern when they continue to grow and are present at high levels indoors.

Molds are very intimidating as they are well-known for compromising the structural integrity of the homes, workplaces and have adverse effects on the health of those indoors. Moreover, the ingestion or inhalation of molds can cause mild to severe allergic reactions, infections, and poisonous (toxic) effects. The symptoms of these conditions range from flu and cold to neurological effects and even death.

In general, black molds are creepy for all of us but they are spine-chilling for landlords and business persons, in particular. Molds are a menace to our health. But the point to ponder is that it’s the mycotoxins or the spores that make you ill not the mold itself. Here, a question arises;

Can you Die from Mold?

Can you die from Mold - DryEffect

Reading through this article you’ll get an answer to your question.

Can you die from mold?

To bluntly say a ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ doesn’t make sense when answering this question. Well, these molds may take you on the brink of death by causing a range of health issues but whether you can die from mold exposure or not is something one can’t say with certainty.

This is because not every individual is at equal risk for developing any mold-related problem. Some may not even show a single symptom of mold illness; others may find it hard to live with the condition.

Black mold is spookier than any other type of molds. They have the potential to release lethal mycotoxins that can lead to the weakening of the immune system, skin irritation, neurological breakdown, and even death in most severe cases.

It is best to stay away from such diseases and get help from professionals for black mold removal. Here, we’ll well-inform you of the menacing nature of black molds by sharing some of the great facts about a black mold which we think will be useful for you.

1. Has a Distinct Color and Odor: As the name suggests, it is black in appearance and also has a distinct musty odor. Both the color and smell make it easy for you to detect them in most probable spots in your homes and workplaces.

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2. Can cause Harm to Anyone: The children, sick & young and older adults are more prone to black mold poisoning symptoms in humans. But, in general, these molds can harm anyone and can turn your prized possessions into something not worthy of your attention anymore.

3. May cause Death: If you’re exposed to molds for long enough, it may have deleterious effects on your organs. They can deprive your immune system and can damage your brain adversely. In such cases, black molds may lead to death.

4. Suppresses the Immune System: When you gather much of the mycotoxins in your body, eventually this takes a toll on your immune system. Altered and compromised individuals are at a vulnerability of acquiring secondary infections.

5. It is a Neurotoxin: The mycotoxins released by black molds are neurotoxic. They adhere to the brain’s neurons- impairing mental functioning. This can cause tremors, mood swings, and neurological symptoms.

What Can cause Mold Poisoning?

Too much ingestion or inhalation of black mold spores and toxins can result in mold poisoning. The symptoms include eye and skin irritation, sneezing, coughing, fever, rashes, tremors, headaches, fatigue, congestion, watery eyes, and bleeding of the lungs.

Now, after knowing the facts about black molds, it’s good to be knowledgeable about its prevention.

How to Get Rid of Black Mold?

Taking the action as soon as possible against the molds is the best strategy to deal with. A little of your effort can do you a good turn. You can avoid paying a handsome amount for mold remediation by doing the following:

  1. Keep your home clean and dry.
  2. Remove all the mold-contaminated materials from your homes.
  3. Use cleaning products (mold-reducing sprays or agents) in your damp areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, etc.
  4. Install air conditioners and dehumidifiers as they suck moisture which ultimately keeps the mold out.
  5. Reduce the moisture as much as you can. Do not let your basement become flooded.
  6. Never use carpet floorings in damp areas.


Black mold is just an unbidden guest in your homes and buildings. But having a massive knowledge about black molds can keep you and your family safe.

All you need to do is just to take preventive measures to get the condition under control. Otherwise, these molds may take you even on the verge of death and nobody wants this to happen.

Just help yourself and get these molds out.

Do you need mold restoration services? Schedule an appointment with our professionals and get rid from the mold forever.

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