All of us want our homes to be welcoming in appearance and fragrance. A new smell inside the house is always noticeable, be it bad or good. While some smells are good and pleasing, a foul smell can be unhealthy and disgusting for inmates as well as guests. While some smells can be fixed with a quick cleaning, a few odors need serious attention and may take a few days to resolve.

For example, if you are getting a foul smell and you are unaware of the reason, it is better to conduct a house mold inspection. Molds are one of the common reasons for odors inside the home and you might need the service of mold removal specialists in such cases. Various other reasons lead to bad and unhealthy smells in the home. Once you sense an unpleasant smell, the first step is to ensure that it is not toxic or hazardous to living beings around. While you take the necessary steps to deodorize the home, it is very important to figure out the source of the odor and resolve it.

How to Ensure Clean and Healthy Air in your Home?

So how can you keep your home sweet-smelling and free of odors always? Here is a comprehensive guide for home odor removal and tips to help you in keeping your home air clean and healthy.

Reasons for Bad Odor Inside Homes

Mysterious smells are not a rare thing in homes. And many times we become clueless of the source of bad smell. Sometimes the smell would be a side-effect of lifestyle habits we have. It could be also caused by the growth of toxic microorganisms. Let us explore the common reasons for bad odors inside the home.

1. Your Furry Friends

For most of us, pets are just part of our family. But the sad part is that pets could be the cause of bad odors in the house. Pet urine smell is not something that you can easily get rid of. Also, the hairs and dander of pets can cause a bad smell. Also, it is different to get dog urine smell out of the wood floor.

2. Moisture in the Clothes

When you put dirty or wet clothes inside the room or put it in the laundry basket, it could lead to a bad smell in the room. Even moisture or wetness in the carpet or if you fail to remove dog pee from the mattress, it could be also the reason for bad odors.

3. Mold Growth

If you sense a musty odor inside the home, there is a good chance that mold growth is happening behind your visibility. Sometimes it could be a black mold which would cause health issues to people. If you sense any musty or earthy odor, the next best step is to hire the service of a mold treatment company.

4. Sewage Problems

A leakage in the sewage system is another familiar cause of bad odors in the home. Drying up of the pipes could cause noxious sewer gases to infiltrate the home. This normally happens when water does not run through the drains for a long time.

5. Unclean Air Ducts:

Over time, the air ducts become the accumulation center for dirt, debris, worms, bacteria, microorganisms, etc. from the air. It will enter the house and causes a bad smell. It is the same air that the inmates in the house breathe. To keep the air clean and healthy inside your home, it is very important to clean the air ducts between fixed intervals. You can hire the service of a reliable professional for air duct cleaning for better efficiency.

6. Water Damage

If your home was subjected to water damage in the recent past and you haven’t taken the necessary water damage restoration activities, it could be the reason behind bad odors. Water will penetrate the hidden corners of the home and lead to the growth of microorganisms.

Tips to Remove Bad Odors

From keeping your windows open to using deodorizing agents, there are numerous tips to keep your home sweet-smelling. In some cases, you might need a comprehensive cleaning of the home or do basement waterproofing to get rid of the unpleasant smell. Listed below are a few tips that you should know if you are worried about unusual smells inside your home.

1. Identify the Source

If you have identified an unusual smell inside the home, it is important to identify the source of smell as well. The source may vary. It could be as simple as a trash can. Sometimes the source would be a disastrous mold attack and you should arrange for a house mold inspection. If the reason for the bad smell is mold, mildew, plumbing errors, etc. the smell will not go away even if you use costly deodorizing products. Therefore, the most important step is to understand the source of bad smell and resolve it as soon as possible.

2. Do the Basic Clean-Up

Not to mention, once we find a smell we will be naturally motivated to do a sudden clean-up of the home. While you clean, make sure you clean the dishwasher, refrigerator, air ducts, etc. Turn on the exhaust fan and keep the windows open. You can use a spray room freshener or light a scented candle.

3. Clean the Garbage

The waste in your trash box could be fouling up your kitchen hence you need to remove it promptly. You can cut a lemon or orange and drop them into the running disposal if the culprit is garbage. Or else, you use white vinegar mixed with cold water to get relief from the bad odors coming out of the trash can.

4. Clean the Carpets

Carpet is often the cause of bad smell inside your home and there are a few reasons for it. Carpet would hide growth of mold provided there is moisture. Sometimes pet urine smell from the carpet would lead to disgusting odor in the room. To get rid of the smell, you can use vinegar and water to wipe it off as a home remedy. However, hiring an odor removal services company would be more beneficial.

5. No Smoking!

Smoking occasionally does not harm to the air inside the home. You can use a room freshener or scented candle to get rid of it. However, if the room is exposed to cigarette smoke constantly, the stinks won’t go away easily. You may have to repaint the walls and deep clean the air ducts to remove cigarette stinks in the room.

6. Use Natural Disinfectants

If you do not want to use chemical disinfectants or air fresheners, you can use natural essential oils to deodorize the home.  Lavender, tree tea oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil, etc. are good choices to keep your home sweet-smelling and the indoor air healthy.

How Can Professional Odor Removal Companies Help?

To avoid airborne diseases among inmates of the house, one should ensure clean and healthy air inside the homes. Odor removal is the first step to keep the indoor air healthy. Although there are various home remedies to keep odors at bay, it is better to leave the job to a professional odor removal services provider. It comes with a lot of perks although you may have to pay for it.

Many times, homeowners try to cover up the cause of bad odor although they remove the smell inside the home. This is due to mere ignorance or lack of time. The source remains the same which will become a threat later. In reality, it is more important to find the source than removing the smell. That explains why hiring a professional service provider is a better option when you are worried about bad odors. They are trained professionals who follow a systematic approach to find the source of the smell.

Once they identify the source, they address it professionally and resolve it. For example, if mold is causing bad odors inside the house, they will take the relevant mold remediation techniques to prevent its occurrence later. After eliminating the source of bad odors, they will thoroughly clean the space and materials that are affected by the source. If the carpets are most affected by the source, they will clean the drywall, clothing, furniture and the other products in the room to remove the odor completely.

Moreover, the odor removal technicians will have the relevant solutions that are inaccessible for homeowners. They are proficient in the right solutions for different types of sources of bad odors. Also, they are quite aware of the different solutions that work on various materials like wood, clothing, carpet, etc. They understand the odor removal techniques to remove dog pee or get cat pee out of clothes. They know how to remove stubborn bacteria which may remain hidden behind the carpet or wallpapers.

Another benefit of hiring professional companies is that it saves time and effort, especially for people having busy work schedules. Also, when you hire professional technicians, you can increase the durability of carpets and keep them fresh for long. To wind up, you can ensure a healthy environment inside the home by hiring professional cleaning companies.

Choose an Odor Removal Services Company

As mentioned above, it is always wise to hire the service of a professional company for odor removal services. However, when you hire a company, go with an expert company that has a good reputation and proven proficiency. Here are a few must-know tips you should know while you hire a professional agency for cleaning.

1. Take References

The right way to start your hunt for the best cleaning company is by taking references from friends, relatives or neighbors. Those who have been at the receiving end of excellent services will give you reference and you can expect similar kind of service.

2. Do Your Research

It is quite possible to understand the history and details of any business if they have an online presence now. Most authentic business does have a website. Also, there are numerous review platforms where people can post reviews about businesses and services. So spend some time to do research over the history and reviews of the company you choose.

3. Experience

Check for the experience of the company and how efficiently they train their staff about modern cleaning solutions. You can ask for such information and check how often they are updated.

4. Check for Credentials

It is important to check the legitimacy of the company. Talk to the representative of the company and check for license and insurance for the technicians.

5. Discuss the Budget

Budget is one of the most important aspects to consider and you should forget to discuss it. Moreover, you should ask about the service charges and get a written quote before you choose the service provider.

6. Go With a Comprehensive Service Provider

It would be more beneficial if you hire a company that has proficiency in multiple aspects of ensuring the safety of homes such as house mold inspection, basement waterproofing, mold remediation and more.

7. Customized Cleaning

Most of the companies offer customized plans for cleaning. Check if they provide add-ons to their services and be clear about the steps included in their odor removal program.

Let us Talk!

Are you in search of a reliable company for odor removal services in Cincinnati? You can wind up your search here then. Dry Effect is a dependable company for efficient services in odor removal, mold remediation, basement waterproofing, crack repair, water damage restoration and more. If you are unaware of the source of bad odors in your home, allow us to help you.

Give us a call! We will be prompt in responding to your queries and readily available to give you a brief explanation of the assistance we provide in odor removal and related services. Our team members are courteous in behavior and ready to explain how we can help you. We will find the source of the odor and take the necessary remediation to prevent it.

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