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What Gets Rid of the Smell of Urine?

Urine, there’s very few things like walking into the stench of pee, it can be overpowering and can even make your eyes water. Passing by a bad part of town where drunks lean against the walls to relieve themselves you wince at the smell. In the toilet when someone forgets to flush, you wince at the smell. It is a wonder that something so potently odorous exited our bodies.

The smell of urine is due to bacteria that occurs naturally and uric acid crystals which is the residue of crystallized urine. When these crystals get trapped in items like clothes, or carpets, the bacteria feed on them, releasing a strong smell of ammonia. This is what causes your eyes to water and your nose to scrunch up in your distaste.

Urine can be an awful smell in your home so luckily we know how to get rid of it.

How to Get Rid of the Smell of Urine?

What Gets Rid of the Smell of Urine?

Urine Smell on Clothes:

If urine happens to get on your clothes, don’t fret. It is not so hard to remove. Simply load all affected clothes into your washing machine (remember to load them separately from the clothes which do not have pee on them). Mix enough baking soda with your regular washing detergent and add to your clothes in the washing machine. Then, hit the wash.

When your clothes are washed, don’t use the machine dryer. Air-dry the clothes if you can, the sunlight and breeze would help remove the odor. If the smell persists, wash a second time using an enzymatic cleaner. This is a non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning agent that can eliminate odors. They are easy to find in home supply stores.

Urine Smell on Toilets:

When dealing with urine in your toilet, fill up a spray bottle with undiluted vinegar. Mist the whole toilet and make sure to get it into the crevices. Allow the vinegar to soak for a few minutes. Then use a clean rag or a paper towel to wipe the toilet down, making sure not to miss a spot.

After the first wipe, get another clean rag or paper towel and dampen it. Use the damp item to wipe the whole toilet again to get rid of leftover vinegar.

Once you have done this, repeat the process for all the surrounding walls, floors and pipes. It will help you ensure that any spilled urine is wiped up and will not remain to leave the odor. Make sure to do this as often as possible so that stains don’t build up on the toilet.

Urine Smell on Furniture:

Pee on furniture is a bit bizarre. But if we’re being honest, nothing is impossible. Mistakes may happen. For example, you might have come home drunk or you might have a pet that isn’t potty trained.

You might also have a baby running around nude. If the urine gets on your furniture and you need a quick fix, don’t panic. You just need a fabric odor eliminator. These are very common and you can get them at the grocery store.

All you have to do is spray some over the affected area of your furniture until it is damp. Once it is done, leave it to air dry. The fabric odor eliminator will give your fabric a nice, fresh scent. It will mask the smell for a while. However, it will be good for a quick fix and not as a permanent solution.

When you have time to deal with the problem properly, you will need to make a solution of baking soda and peroxide mixed with some dishwashing liquid and apply it directly to the affected area.

When left to dry, a white residue will appear. You can then vacuum this off, or brush it off, then you will be good as new. Alternatively, you can make a solution of warm water and vinegar.

This solution should then be applied to a rag and used to scrub the affected surface. After scrubbing with the solution-soaked rag twice, you may then fan dry the spot. If the smell persists, then you can spray some vinegar directly and allow it to soak and dry on its own.

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Urine Smell on the Floors:

If the urine gets on your floors, you can use an enzymatic cleaner. Or you could use a homemade solution of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, baking soda, and orange essential oil.

Put the well-shaken solution in a spray bottle and spray the affected area until it is very damp. Then you can leave it to dry. Once the solution is dry, it will leave behind a white residue which you may then vacuum up.

If you are dealing with a carpet you could use a wet vacuum or an extractor. These will get rid of the stench by forcing clean water through the carpet, in and out leaving you with a dry, clean urine-free carpet.

The Takeaway

Urine is not a pleasant smell to deal within your home. But it is also not a smell that cannot be removed. With the above steps, you can free your home from the stench of urine any time, any day.

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