Doing general maintenance around the house is the best way to prevent water intrusion thus mold. You may think it’s too cold outside to tackle some of these tasks. But don’t let it stop you from planning on what needs to happen this spring. Did you know as simple as cleaning your gutters can help prevent foundation damage, rotted wood, roof leaks, insect infestation and basement leaks.





If gutters are not cleaned and overflow with water it falls along the foundation wall. Therefore allowing the soil to soften over time which will lead to foundation cracks. Any adjacent wood such as fascia and soffit boards are prone to damage. And if gutters are not draining this will allow ice to build up later to migrate into the house. Therefore causing moisture in the attics and ceiling leaks. And gutter debris attracts insects because it’s the perfect habitat.


Don’t forget to caulk any flashing and roof vents seasonally. Including in the home around wet areas should be addressed continually.

Foundation Cracks

If it’s too late and you already have cracks present make sure you caulk those areas to avoid water intrusion. If you think you may need assistance.  I may know someone that can help with crack injection. Wink… wink.

Down Spouts

And down spouts should be pointed downhill and free of obstruction. This allows proper drainage the further you can direct it from the house the better. It’s never a good idea to direct water sprinklers to the house. Because it may seep into those areas that rain typically would not hit.



Going inside the home.  Braided supply hoses are typically more expensive than the rubber supply hoses. But they are much safer and durable. You can find these braided supply hoses at your local hardware store. Remember the washer, toilet, sink and refrigerator supplies should all be braided lines.

Make that checklist today to avoid addressing water damage or mold!

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Lisa McIntyre has always resided in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. She graduated from University of Cincinnati with a degree in Applied Science. Ultimately, her passion for science and teaching came to fruition after her husband requested her assistance in developing Dry Effect Restoration Services. She was able to develop her knowledge, degrees and certifications further in many indoor air quality associations and organizations. Thus allowing her to educate Realtors and Insurance Agents on the damages that many common indoor air quality irritants and water bacterial growths can lead to in ones home or business. Over 10 years later she’s glad to have taken the leap of faith to assist her husband what seemed to be a fun project into a lifetime achievement and to see the individuals she teaches prosper from their newly found knowledge.

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