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Did You Know?

Dry Effect flood damage

Many assume that nothing more than a wet-vac and a mop will address minor floods. The truth, however, is that standing water is a serious problem that can lead to mold growth, damage to a home’s foundation and a range of other issues. This is why a professional inspection is almost always necessary if you have flood damage.

Flood Damage

Floodwater can destroy property within seconds. Even 1 inch of water can damage flooring, furniture and carpet. This is especially true for wooden content that may disintegrate or even stain into the flooring below.

Flood damage to drywall and other structurally important parts of a house is another major concern. Again, even a small amount of water can damage drywall if not properly dried quickly. When this happens, prompt response is especially important as the water may have compromised the structural integrity of the building. It may visibly look dry. But without an expert checking with moisture meters one may never know. You sure don’t want to find out later to discover mold.

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