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Ozone generators are the machines which are highly effective in removing airborne contaminants and foul odors from your homes and offices, and interestingly even from your cars.

You might have read or heard contradictory statements regarding ozone generators over the internet or from your friends but you need to cling to the fact that a little ozone is good and a lot is not. High ozone concentrations can cause damage to your respiratory system, particularly lungs.

Before hopping onto ozone generators, you need to first learn what exactly ozone is and why it is thought to be worthwhile yet sometimes worthless.

What is Ozone?

Unlike oxygen (O2), ozone (O3) is simply composed of three oxygen atoms referred to as trioxygen.

Cigarette smoke, fire damage, and molds-all leave their marks of existence even upon removal. The memory never fades as it digs into the carpets, air ducts, clothing, ceilings, etc. Therefore, scented candles and air fresheners can only be of temporary help as they mask the odors for a short time. Cleaning with disinfectants such as bleach may turn out to be laborious.

Hotels, food-processing units, and industrial plants make use of ozone generators to fight bad odors off. Now, these machines are also available for residential use. Ozone generator has grown massive popularity among home, car, and business owners. So, what exactly is the reason for its fame?

When using ozone generators for deodorizing and purifying indoor air, you must know how to properly use and handle of the machine. You should be clear in mind whether these ozone generators work or not. This is what we will cover precisely in this article.

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There are some putrid and nasty smells out there in your homes that need to be removed straight away. But how?

The answer is pretty simple – using an ozone generator that releases artificial ozone gas. It can help you get rid of all sorts of foul or odors including curry smells, skunk smells, smoky odors, musty moldy odors, and much more. Thus, there is hardly any unpleasant smell that can stand up to the power and efficacy of this equipment.

How Does an Ozone Generator Work?

Ozone that fizzles out from a generator works like a magic to neutralize odors and this can be explained better on scientific grounds.

Ozone is, in fact, an unstable and highly reactive gas. The third oxygen atom which holds a low affinity for the other two atoms gets attached to the pollutants. This way the odor particles become inactive and they fall off to the ground. The air quality soars as the chemical composition of the contaminants gets altered. This ozone can also affect our body cells if we breathe it in.

Many things can indeed be employed to remove stenches of bacteria and molds but an ozone generator remains unparalleled in performing this job. Once cleaned, the area smells heavenly. We know this sounds pleasant to your ears but inhaling high quantities of ozone can be harmful.

Benefits of Ozone Generator:

1. Removes Air-Borne Microbes and Bad Odors: Mold is a terrible thing to have in your home. Mold spore inhalation can make you sick. Since molds are organic, ozone harms them potentially and changes the composition of the spores present in the air.

This is how you can destroy molds and other contaminants with the help of ozone. Also, the restoration and mold remediation professionals may ask you to vacate the room so that ozone treatment can be carried out efficiently.

When the generator is turned on, ozone produced quickly diffuses into the room including the cracks, holes, and crevices of your house. As a result, molds get killed with the least chances of returning back. Moreover, the unpleasant smell will make its way out of your home.

2. Improves Indoor Air Quality: Ozone enhances indoor air quality by cleaning the polluted air. A pleasant indoor atmosphere ensures the occupant’s comfort and good health.

Dangers of Ozone Generator:

1. Can Cause Lung Irritation: Ozone can be damaging as it can interfere with your own chemical make-up. It preferably targets sensitive organs like lungs and may cause inflammation, chest pain, coughing, wheezing, throat irritation, etc. If you’re suffering from asthma or bronchitis, stay away from ozone generators.

2. Difficult to Predict Exposure Levels: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has revealed that it is difficult to accurately estimate the actual concentration of ozone released by an ozone generator. This is because many external factors come into play such as air ventilation, the number of materials with which ozone has to interact, the distance of the operating personnel from the machine, etc.

Due to this reason, some people deem HEPA filters more accurate and reliable.

How to Use an Ozone Generator Properly?

Here are some of the instructions for those who are planning to buy ozone generators:

  1. Close the doors and windows
  2. Vacate the rooms – no pets, plants, and humans
  3. Set the timer to activate the machine
  4. Let the ozone treatment stand for 3-6 hours but this is highly variable as it depends on the room size.
  5. Let the timer shut off the equipment
  6. Following treatment, let ozone settle for 1-2 hours and get the oxygen level back to normal.

The Takeaway:

Though exposure to ozone for an extended period is dangerous yet an ozone generator is one of the most powerful things to have in your homes for the removal of displeasing odors. Never be in the same room where an ozone generator is working.

If you guarantee your protection, we can say that an ozone generator is a whole lot more than just the vogue. It is a trending marketing product which if utilized carefully can help achieve great results.

In case you are seeking odor removal services from professionals, we are here for you. Just schedule an appointment and our experts will reach out to you shortly!

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