Unluckily, many things in the air like allergens, dust, smoke, pollens, etc. make the air unfit for breathing. However, smoky smells, and some other unbearable odors as that of molds and wet logs model your inner and outer environment dirty and murky. This is a high dose to ruffle people’s feathers who take this unpolluted air in.

As a homeowner, you wish for nothing more than an atmosphere that is clean, comfortable, and peaceful. It is an ozone generator to be credited when it comes to breathing air that is fresh and free of contaminants and odors. These generators have been designed to cater to the best possible conditions and environment in your homes and offices.

Ozone is a reactive gas to organic things (living things- humans, animals, insects, plants, and microbes). Due to this feature, ozone is a great choice for purifying unclean air. Ozone doesn’t occupy your space and air for long. Within quite a less time, the third oxygen atom breaks off which is then converted into normal oxygen that is safe to breathe in.

Are you living next door to someone who won’t quit smoking at all? Have you bought a new house that unfortunately smells of molds (musty odor) and is perhaps hard for you to pinpoint the source?

Whatever the case is, these ozone generators are the perfect solution to the problem. So, you need not get these intolerable odors under your skin when you own such a machine. These little machines will render your home a safe and healthy place to live in with a fresh-smelling air every time you walk through the main door.

Besides, ozone is injurious to human health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given a simplified statement on ozone: “Good up high, bad nearby.”

Potential Dangers Of Ozone:

Owing to its reactivity, ozone if not decayed, can give you serious harms. It mainly grips your respiratory system for hazards. Lungs, air passages, and sinuses can be affected badly. It damages the interior lining and inflames your organs. People already living through a breathing problem are prone to develop serious symptoms and conditions.

Ozone generators have been successful in grabbing attention and gaining popularity, but how to use them safely is what matters the most.

In this article, we’ll acquaint you with the user guidelines on the very machine. We’ll help guide you on how to choose and use it, when to use it, and for how long to use it.

Just read through the article to grab the key points.

6 Essentials To Keep In Mind When Choosing An Ozone Generator:

Here are six key factors to consider when deciding on an ozone generator of a suitable size for your home or office.

  1. Type of contamination/odor– It is important to first identify where to use this machine and for what. Mild ozone treatments eliminate smoke, exhaust gases, fumes, and other emissions easily. Prolonged ozone shock is needed to kill germs, molds, heavy cigarette/cigar smoke, and other repugnant odors.
  2. The extent of contamination– If the level of contamination is high, more ozone and more time will be required. For heavy mold growth and immense smoke build-up in your homes, you should consult an expert in clean-up and remediation process.
  3. Size of treatment area- Depending upon the size of the room to be treated, you are advised to choose your ozone generator.
  4. Temperature- It is said that ozone is depleted rapidly at high temperatures as compared to low temperatures. So, it is wise to use ozone in days when temperatures are elevated to avoid health issues.
  5. Humidity- Ozone generators are believed to produce more ozone in dry air than in moist, humid air.
  6. Appropriate treatment time- More ozone will be used when clearing a small area of your house (shorter treatment times) and less for longer treatment periods.

For How Long To Run An Ozone Generator?

First, ensure that all living things are out of the treatment room. Place the machine in an area that will favor the best distribution and circulation of ozone.

Auxiliary fans, if used, help better air-flow and circulation. This aids in pushing ozone to the pores of the surfaces.

So, for how much time one needs to run it for remediation and air purification?

Turn the generator on and immediately empty the treatment room. For a small-sized room, ozone emission is allowed for about 3-6 hours. This is highly variable as treatment depends on the size of the unit where an ozone generator is to be used to set moldy things right. If your entire house needs to be deodorized, it may even take 25-30 hours or more for entire clean-up.

After a certain time, return to the premises and turn the equipment off. Let your home stand for further 1-3 hours to allow ozone transformation into normal oxygen molecules so that ozone exposure can be potentially minimized.

The Takeaway:

With proper care and utilization, ozone generators are safe to have in your homes. Though ozone fades away quickly but can also have a dangerous effect on your health upon excessive exposure and inhalation. Always vacate the room before going for ozone remedy. Use the generator with caution to make things better and healthy.Do Ozone Generators Really Work?(Opens in a new browser tab)

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