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Why Choose Us

When searching for a service provider remember these key points when selecting them to hire:

  1. General contractors and handymen may be seen as a more cost effective solution, but they are not always educated or armed with the necessary equipment to properly remediate the structure that could contain potential mold, sewage or hazardous debris which ultimately will put your family at risk.
  2. Only companies with the training and experience have the skilled techniques available to properly dry out your property.
  3. IICRC certified technicians and firms have been recognized by the IICRC for their education and training by professionals in the field. It is imperative you request for their licensing, certifications and insurance from the companies you are considering.
  4. Someone who makes unsolicited phone calls or visits. Be especially wary of people who offer a bargain price, claiming that they’re doing a job in the neighborhood and have leftover materials.
  5. Someone whose address can’t be verified, who uses only a post office box, or who has only an answering service and no separate listing in the telephone book.
  6. Someone who isn’t affiliated with any recognized trade association.
  7. License or insurance information you can’t verify.
  8. Someone who can’t (or won’t) provide references for similar jobs in your area.
  9. Do they offer a guarantee for their work?
  10. The promise of a hefty discount—but no mention of the total cost of the job.
  11. The promise of a deep discount if the contractor uses your home as a “demo.”
  12. High-pressure sales tactics or threats to rescind a special price if you don’t sign on the spot.


Dry Effect is here to educate you to provide you with the knowledge to make an informed decision whether that may mean not providing our services to referring you to another vendor.  We want our customers to have a honest estimate and professional judgement regardless if we are chosen for your service needs. Please see our links on our home page with the certifications and accreditation we currently hold and as always do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

As the owner of Dry Effect I have a personal guarantee to not only make our services exceptional, but to insure my employees have the same perception and goals as well.  Our entire staff holds IICRC certifications including our office staff because when our customers have questions I want anyone and everyone on my staff to be able to rectify your needs immediately. We are well equip to handle multiple situations as we have crews that specialize in water mitigation, odor control, mold remediation, fire restoration, board up, and hoarding.  Our service areas include and those in the surrounding areas of northern Kentucky, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus. With years of experience in water and mold remediation and the most up to date technology and equipment; we can provide you with options that are cost effective, but as well ensure you are in your home again in no time.  I appreciate the trust you put in our company and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me directly. There’s no kind of clean besides a fresh kind of cleanup!


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