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Foundation Cracks

If you see large foundation cracks, you may need to have foundation repair service. When that’s required, call contractors at Dry Effect. Experts like us serve the tri-state and deal with these issues often. It’s important to learn the common causes of foundation cracks before you have repair serviceExcessive moisture, expansive clay soils and slab leaks can all harm your foundation and create a variety of problems.


The best time to have your foundation fixed is as soon as you see gaps or other forms of deterioration. The sooner you have repair service, the better off your foundation will be. You’ll want to find out what’s causing foundation crack issues and stop them from progressing. You may have leaks that are creating fractures in your slab, or moisture beneath your pier and beam foundation that is the cause of wall cracks, sagging floors and more. If you live in the Cincinnati area, it’s common. It’s also important to identify what is creating other types of foundation repair issues. The person most qualified to provide you with this type of information is an experienced professional who knows all about fractured foundations and repairing them. If you have concerns about your structure, the person you should call is a foundation repair contractor. No matter what kind of foundation has cracked, pros like Dry Effect can be of help.

Due to the rapidly changing weather conditions in the tri-state, crevices are a problem that often affects local property owners. When it’s exceedingly hot and dry, the soil around foundations commonly contracts. The process of shrinking causes splintering in foundations and a variety of other issues that must be addressed. This generally involves having foundation crack repair service performed by a reputable contractor. As part of that service, foundation piers such as concrete piers or steel pilings are installed in order to lift and level your house foundation or commercial property. This process restores your foundation to its original position and prevents further sinking and bending. If you do require foundation repair service due to excessive cracking in your slab or pier and beam foundation, you’ll want to find out how many piers you’ll need to have installed. It’s always a good idea to gather information on costs, too. Of course, before doing anything you’ll want to find out what’s creating the issues and determine if you actually need to have repairs made on your foundation.

In the event your foundation is damaged, ask the contractors at Dry Effect  to stop by. We’ll perform a thorough evaluation on your house. If you see what appears to be a cracked foundation, get a free foundation repair estimate online today.

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