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Basement Waterproofing

Basements are one of the most important parts of a home and yet it is often the most neglected.

This can be due to the problems attached with having a basement especially because it is susceptible to water leaks and build up of moisture.

Due to this fact, a wet or damp basement can easily become flooded. In addition to this, it can lead to other more complicated problems such as unstable foundations.

To prevent these from happening, it is important that waterproofing be done.

Are you concerned about the resistance of your basement and foundation is to water? Dry Effect is here to solve your basement waterproofing needs.

The Four Stages of Basement Water Damage

Basement Waterproofing

Stage 1 – Visible Cracks – You may notice cracks appearing in masonry in your basement. You’re not seeing any water yet, but cracks are visible and new ones are popping up.

Stage 2 – Moist Walls – The pressure of outside water in the ground has started to push water through the cracks as they are the place of least resistance. It’s not yet pooling, but you can find damp spots along the cracks where water is getting absorbed into the dry masonry.

Stage 3 – Damp Basement & Puddles – Water and pressure is widening those cracks and compromising your walls. Water is getting and maybe small puddles on the floor. You can find dirt and sometimes bugs coming through the cracks. Your basement feels significantly more damp than the rest of the house.

Stage 4 – Pooling – A lot of water is now coming through almost any time is rains and sometimes even when it doesn’t. Large pools of water form near the wide cracks as well as in the lower spots in the basement.

Do any of these stages sound like your basement? Dry Effect is the premier regional basement moisture specialist and will solve these problems for you from basement waterproofing to the water remediation and cleanup. Call today to schedule a free inspection and estimate with a trained and certified technician.

Choosing the right basement waterproofing solution

There are several methods to keeping water out of your basement – and getting it out when it gets inside.

Interior basement waterproofing, which involves moving water out of the home once it’s inside, is typically the most cost-effective option. Excavating to install an exterior perimeter drain is typically the more expensive option.

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