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10 Things You Should Know About Mold

July 22 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

Molds have inhabited the Earth for about millions of years. They are the microorganisms which grow best in warm, damp, and moist environments. Molds are known for reproducing by making […]

What does a Water Restoration Company do?

July 19 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

If you asked random people what Water Restoration companies do, you would find that most people don’t actually know, unless of course they work in the industry. Water Damage Restoration […]

The Difference Between Grey Water and Black Water

July 17 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

What comes to your mind when you think of the plumbing system? Do you think about the types of water flowing inside those pipes? Well, most of us don’t bother […]

Is Black Mold Dangerous?

July 15 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

Having molds in homes and buildings is dangerous. These are the molds, particularly the infestation of black molds. Which strike extreme fear in the heads of homeowners and business owners. […]

6 Things You Need to Know About Water Damage

July 11 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

Sewage leaks, floods, or pipe burst all of them come uninvited. The damage caused by them can range from mild to severe. Situations such as toilet overflows and sewage backups […]

Which molds are most dangerous to my health?

July 10 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

Can mold spores contain toxins? Yes. Some of these fungi produce mycotoxins. And almost all molds that grow in the environment can produce triple helical glucan. Both of which are […]

How to Prevent Basement Water Seepage

July 9 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

Does your home have a basement? Is getting water out of your basement and fixing the underlying problems your only concern these days? Wet basements are result of heavy rains […]

Will My Insurance Cover Water Damage Caused By A Flood?

July 8 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

  It may be shocking, but you may not be covered. Contact your local agent today to see if you are covered in case of a water damage loss. Learn […]

How to Maintain and Understand Your Indoor Plumbing System

July 5 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

15% of your total home value depends upon your plumbing system. So, it is vital to have knowledge of your plumbing system in order to avoid larger repair problems. Moreover, […]

Discounts with Dry Effect!

July 4 2019, by Lisa McIntyre

Because we wouldn’t be enjoying this lovely day without YOU! Check out our discounts for active duty, veterans, retirees, and reservists for not only Independence Day, but everyday. Check out […]

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