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What Is The Average Cost Of Mold Remediation?

Almost all homes one way or the other fall victim to mold infestations. Many of us are rightly concerned when it comes to molds thriving on moisture in homes and offices. The existence of mold sets up an air of panic around.

Amongst many problems, mold is one of the most stressful things to deal with. Left untreated, mold grows over time which can give rise to major health issues and may cause severe damage to your dwelling.

Mold is a thorn in the homeowner’s flesh and its removal can be a daunting task. You can tackle small infestations yourself within less than $50 but when you suspect big mold infestations and feel that things have gotten out of your hands, it’s a call for a certified mold remediation team like Dry Effect. The team will assess and access the situation and will put forth a strategic plan along with its costing.

You might be contemplating how much you will have to pay for mold removal?

Let’s address it.

What Is The Average Cost Of Mold Remediation?

So, on average, the price you’ll have to pay to get rid of mold ranges from $500-$6000. Every company may offer a different budget after inspecting your home and building for mold. You have to choose the one with a wealthy experience that best caters to your needs and best handles the problem within less time.

Mold Remediation

Remediation always talks about avoiding mold exposure, removing the existing molds, and preventing the recurrence by working on the moisture source. It has been evidenced that remediation by a pro potentially reduces visible molds, spore counts in a home or building, and can also palliate health symptoms in occupants.

Remediation by a professional may upset your budget but is best tackled sooner than later. Whenever mold grows unnoticed provided the excessive amount of moisture in your home, you’ll have to pay a decent amount for:

  1. Identifying and testing mold
  2. Cleaning and removing mold
  3. Restoring structural damage (affected items)

Factors Impacting The Cost Of Mold Abatement

Taking certain factors into account, the remediation cost increases. For instance, if your home has recently experienced flooding and the mold is thriving all around, a lot more has to be done to restore healthy conditions. This can potentially scale up your price to tens of thousands of dollars ($10,000-$30,000).

Let’s discuss some of the factors affecting the cost of removal and restoration.

Extent of contamination

Mold invasions start out small which mostly remain inconspicuous by growing inside the air ducts, vents, crawlspaces, attics, basements, roof deck, inside the wall, etc. It is the musty odor that helps get you to this nuisance.

Mold abatement cost is largely affected by the level of contamination.

  1. Level 1 (10 square feet or less)
  2. Level 2 (10-30 square feet)
  3. Level 3 (30-100 square feet)
  4. Level 4 (>100 square feet)
  5. Level 5 (HVAC systems and air conditioners)

The more mold you have in your place, the more you’ll be charged by the certified individual for the service. Thus, the size of the area with mold matters a lot.

Type of mold

Not all molds are known for causing ill effects. Those which colonize, pose risks to human health, and damage things of structural value may escalate the amount. Mold testing confirms the type of mold causing an array of damages. Heavy repairs needed will have an impact on the time and cost of the process.

Disposal equipment and solutions

Depending on the complexity of the prevailing mold issue, specialized protective and disposal equipment if brought to the project will soar the price. This can include air filtration machines, duct cleaning equipment, brushes, protective gear, etc.

Also, commercially available mold killing cleaners and sealers used to disinfect and encapsulate the mold containing areas may affect the budget.

Labor rate

The cost of the remediation service revolves around $500-$6000. Smaller spaces may cost up to $500 whereas larger areas may drive the cost up to $5000 or more. This is because, for bigger infestations, more manpower will be required, which means more time and more money.

How Will A Professional Deal With A Moldy House?

The Do-It-Yourself remediation by homeowners is only applicable to affected areas of less than 10 square feet. Beyond that, you will have to contact the specialist to fix the issue to the highest of industry standards.


For a clean-up process, a professional will:

  1. Repair the water problem
  2. Seal the contaminated area (no-entry area)
  3. Remove all mold-damaged materials
  4. Clean non-porous surfaces with special brushes and agents
  5. Clean and dry the entire affected area
  6. Replace or remove the affected valuables

Preventive Strategies

Once a pro has remediated your home both for mold and moisture, the responsibility of keeping the surfaces and materials as clean and dry as possible wholly rests on your shoulder. Regular monitoring is required to keep the issue in check and to assure a healthy environment.

  1. Moisture control by using dehumidifiers and exhaust fans
  2. Fixing water leaks
  3. Preventive maintenance of HVAC

The Takeaway:

Finding mold in your home has remained nothing of surprise now. Excessive dampness and fungal growth on surfaces and materials can bring about serious health issues and should not be tolerated at any cost in indoor environments.

Undoubtedly, mold is such an issue that must be cured right away. The remediation process is all about reducing your risk to mold exposure, eliminating molds, and restoring healthy conditions by identifying the underlying cause of indoor humidity or moisture.

Knowing the degree to which an area is contaminated, you can figure out how to get mold remediated. Get the help of a professional like Dry Effect to efficiently solve the issue within $500-$6000 or more. We understand you may not want to use your savings or you may simply not be in the situation to have any savings. Check out our financing for simple solutions to ensure you can address those mold concerns now without having to drain your bank account.

Never keep mold under the radar. Fight off!

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