Do you have a pet at home – be it a cat or a dog? There are maximum chances that your pet has marked territories in the interiors of your house. You cannot ignore the strong odor or that pet urine smell that they leave behind which can also prove to be bad for your health. Irrespective of the pet you have, the odor they leave behind is extremely dangerous. Animals are created specifically to reside, defecate and urinate outdoors and not inside a house. When these activities are done in the interiors of a house, the bacteria and odor that stay behind cannot be purified by any amount of water, detergent, and sunlight.

The germs present in the urine are not only annoying but also have contaminants to make one fall sick. The air inside the room gets polluted immensely with all the germs, which gets locked in the moisture present in the air. This is the same air that you breathe in along with your family and you surely do not want it to be unhealthy. The contamination here further depends on the metabolism and diet of the pet. If left untreated for a prolonged time, it turns to be extremely poisonous. To get the deposit cleaned, including the odor, always look out for professional Odor removal services.

Pet urine odor is an irritant to the respiratory system and the inhalation of even the threshold limit, which is 50 ppm is harmful. This limit has been declared by the OSHA and the irritants cause eye, skin and lung allergies. People with a weak immune system including children are at maximum risk because of these contaminants. The inhalation of a large amount of these pollutants can cause other health issues like –

  1. Burning sensation in the respiratory tract and throat
  2. Lung infections such as wet cough and asthma.
  3. Allergies in the skin and rashes.
  4. Fatigue and nausea
  5. Eye problems like burning sensation and blinding of the vision.


There are many ways of cleaning pet urine from soft furnishings. The best way to clean dog urine from carpet is to get professional services. Pet urine, be it dog urine or cat urine can very quickly get trapped on carpets, wooden furniture, and other household items. If this problem is not addressed as soon as possible, the results are hazardous to the health of the residents. There are many Do it yourself solutions but they do not provide long term care and masks the urine odors to a certain level. As mentioned, the DIY solutions only mask the odor and do not remove it.


Importance of professional cleaning – 

The importance of professional urine cleaning cannot be ignored for the health and hygiene of the residents as well as the place.

  1. Do not hide the issues – Pet odors can be an embarrassment and as discussed above lead to many health complications. It is recommended that one goes for a professional service to get the indoor air cleaned. This is also used to neutralize the pungent odor and not simply cover the odor up. Professionals give a thorough clean up which includes carpet cleaning and thorough cleaning of the floors are other areas.
  2. Get the odor out – The indoor air quality can be brought down to safer levels by removing the pollutants. All kinds of pet odors and stain can be removed with the help of professional services.
  3. Per accidents – It is natural for pets to have accidents that are quite common and can happen anywhere in the interiors. Getting the interior cleaned is the most important task herewith, and this needs extreme effort and care. The professional services ensure that the carpets are cleaned thoroughly as this is the most intricate area that allows the contaminants to permeate.

The potential damages that pet urine smell can cause are as follows –

Ammonia pungent odor-

Pet urine smell has a strong ammonia odor and if it stays in the carpet for a long, not only the carpet but the entire room stinks. Pet urine does contain some ammonia which is highly concentrated in the urine of cats.


Evaporation of urine on carpets –

What is more hazardous is when the urine dries on the carpet if not cleaned immeasurably. The concentrated ammonia dries and becomes allergic in nature which triggers the senses of the residents. The health impacts are severe asthma, COPD and emphysema.


Growth of microbes and bacteria –

Anyone with a good and healthy immune system will not have much difficulty in these situations. However, this is not something to be ignored as any of the family members might have a weak immune system. The germs and bacteria present in the dried urine stains cause inflammation and allergic reactions to the respiratory tract.


Dangerous mold formation –

If the pet urine stain is not cleaned and left untreated for a long time this further leads to mold growth such as penicillium. Penicillium leads to various breathing difficulties and the worst is aspergillus. With long term exposure to mold growth, the conditions worsen and can be life-threatening. It is essential to remove dog pee from mattress as there is an extreme deposit of concentrated ammonia which is unhygienic.

Pet urine deposition is not always obvious but over a period of time, they start developing health issues. Just like human excreta and urine have germs and bacteria, so does animal urine which causes diseases and illnesses. While cleaning the deposit, one can feel that the germs and stains are gone – well actually, the answer is a big No! The odor and bacteria keep lingering and is a nuisance as they are made up of tiny particles. Hence, when the bacteria get mixed with the air and the residents inhale it, one is basically inhaling the urine itself.

Doesn’t the thought itself make you feel sick? Want to know what is worse than this? Well, when a large amount of urine keeps getting deposited and not cleaned, the lungs can feel a burning sensation. This is because of the presence of ammonia in the air in the form of gaseous state. People who have headaches like migraine and sinus problems are the most affected with animal urine. Children are at a higher risk of developing health issues because they have lesser body weight than adults. It should be ensured that the urine deposit and germs from pet urine are removed completely from rugs and carpets.

Extreme ammonia exposure leads to the following health issues –

  1. Nasopharyngeal cancer
  2. Bronchiolar edema
  3. Tracheal burns
  4. An extreme case of respiratory malfunction
  5. Bronchitis
  6. Pneumonia
  7. Asphyxiation
  8. Fatigue
  9. Olfactory adaptation
  10. Phlegmatic problem
  11. Heaviness or shortness of breath

It becomes difficult to breathe as the gas blocks the respiratory tract and this can be seen from the phlegm that is a result of the cough. This is an indication that the respiratory system has been infected. It has also been noticed that pet urine also gets deposited in the clothes and other accessories. Some facts about both cat and dog urine will be explained below for better understanding.

  1. Cat urine is composed of many elements but primarily it is water and the other substances are ammonia which is 0.05%, phosphate 0.12%, sulphate 0.18%. The ratio of water is 95% and creatinine 0.1%, uric acid 0.003%, chloride 0.6%, sodium 0.1% and urea 2%.
  2. Since the concentration is high, even a small drop of urine can smell extremely strong. This urine, when dries off, forms into crystals giving out the strong pungent odor.
  3. Smelling the cat urine once does not bring any health issues but inhaling them for a continuous period of time is what is harmful.
  4. People do not know that it is not the fur that they are only inhaling but also the dried urine molecules.
  5. Dog urine is made up of bacteria known as Leptospirosis bacteria and is most prevalent in warm environment. The bacteria are found all around the globe in humid areas and the disease spread through this infects rodents too.
  6. The inhalation of the bacteria in a dog’s urine can lead to kidney and liver issues. As a pet owner, it is vital that one knows the potential risks that are posed to human health.

While going for a professional cleaning service, remember to get cat pee out of clothes too. Such is the adhesion of the bacteria that the molecules are present in the air and also settle down in the clothes and other fabrics. One has to be more informative and diligent about the potential health risks and also about the indoor air quality. The molecules that are present in the outdoors are broken down by natural processes but this is not the same as indoors.

Hence it is important that cleaning the indoor air and all household items are done thoroughly and completely. To remove the pet urine from all the surfaces, it is mandatory that one hires a professional carpet and home cleaning service. The service needs to have expertise in pet urine odor and fur removal as they have the proper tools and equipment required for the work. They also use hot water extraction to remove the strong and pungent odor from the interiors. Children keep rolling on rugs and carpets and so do pets. This is the topmost reason why they should be thoroughly cleaned.

In case one wants to try a DIY solution, it is significant that you know they are a quick fix but not a permanent solution. Try out the few steps that are discussed below to try out a DIY cleaning solution.

  1. Rent a wet vacuum or an extractor. This is to ease out on the expenditure and the traces of heavy urine stains can be removed easily. All the dried stains from furniture as well as carpet can be removed effectively and economically. Wet vacuum equipment is the best for cleaning the stains as they provide the maximum force of clean water to the surface.
  2. Always follow the instruction manual for better understanding.
  3. Always use the best quality neutralizer available for pet odors once the cleaning is complete. These are easily available at pet supply shops and stores.
  4. This work becomes difficult if the urine deposition soaks into the padding that is underneath the carpet. In extreme cases, they need to be removed and replaced for better results.
  5. To ensure that your family and loved ones are safe and healthy, keep them away from all the bad effects of pet urine.

To get dog urine smell out of wood floor, make sure that the wooden surface is scrubbed properly with vinegar and water solution. Once done, sprinkle some baking soda onto the stain and let it sit for a few hours. This can be for maximum time as the more you let it sit, the better removal of stain is done. Baking soda helps to soak up the moisture and also remove the odor. Once the baking soda has soaked up the moisture, wipe it away. Clean the part with water and wipe with a clean cloth.

Furthermore, one can also use hydrogen peroxide on the stain as this is very good stain removal. Let it sit for at least 8 hours or overnight and cover it with a clean cloth. The cloth can also be soaked with hydrogen peroxide for better results. This is done to ascertain that the stain is removed and also the pungent smell of the urine is removed. If the smell and stain are not removed immediately, the wood will start getting damaged in an irreversible manner. This can extend up to an extent where the flooring needs to be replaced if not cleaned immediately.

To remove the pet urine, the first step is to quickly blot the urine and lock its moisture with paper towels. To make it effective press the towels firmly on the stain and draw the liquid out from the wooden floor. This step might have to be repeated until the floor is considerably dry and the stain is removed. Start with the steps here to get a better indoor air that is free from germs of pet urine.

About Lisa McIntyre

Lisa McIntyre has always resided in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. She graduated from University of Cincinnati with a degree in Applied Science. Ultimately, her passion for science and teaching came to fruition after her husband requested her assistance in developing Dry Effect Restoration Services. She was able to develop her knowledge, degrees and certifications further in many indoor air quality associations and organizations. Thus allowing her to educate Realtors and Insurance Agents on the damages that many common indoor air quality irritants and water bacterial growths can lead to in ones home or business. Over 10 years later she’s glad to have taken the leap of faith to assist her husband what seemed to be a fun project into a lifetime achievement and to see the individuals she teaches prosper from their newly found knowledge.

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  1. Jenn

    My daughters family of four have four cats. One of them “sprays” and one will potty on any clothing left on the floor. Supposedly the litter boxes (4)are cleaned every one or two days. The smell is awful! They think it’s normal. Is there a way to prove like a meter to show them it’s not safe for children.

  2. Judy

    My dog is 14 and has started peeing on the carpet repeatedly. The ammonia smell is getting out of control. What can i do?

    • Lisa McIntyre

      I’m sorry to hear that your dog is having this issue. You can try to reduce the smell of the urine by using an enzymatic cleaner specifically designed for pet urine. This type of cleaner will help break down the urine and remove the smell. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to remove the smell, but I would recommend placing a dog diaper on your pet. The real issue lies within stopping the source from reoccurring to avoid the smell penetrating more into other areas. Hope that helps!

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