Flood water affects people in ways more than one and can also cause huge losses to properties. The sufferings caused due to floods are multifold and not just during the floods but also it’s recovery duration. The aftermath of a flood is extreme and can only be understood by people who have suffered from it. The results are huge like houses getting destroyed and because of this, the financial burden a family has to face is great including the emotional stress people go through. If you have not faced such a situation earlier, it is still important for you to know the affects flood water can have in your house. 


There are professional flood restoration services that are available and are genuinely aiming to help you through this. Flooding can occur due to various reasons like heavy rain or overflowing river and clogged drainage system. Irrespective of the sources the havoc created is huge and can be treated well with the help of expert services. There are many ways to clean the flood water up as soon as the water subsides and there are services that can get this problem solved. The damages caused by water flooding may be contamination, mold and mildew growth, loss of lives, etc.


The types of damages caused due to flood water –


Water contamination

Flood water brings in a lot of hassles that include mud, germs, and bacteria of all kinds. This tends to leave sediments inside the house which is usually a thick muddy layer of the pollutants. In addition to this, flood water also brings in raw sewage and fills the house with water that overflows from sewer lines. 


Mold and mildew growth

A surface that is wet and remains so for over 48 hours has the risk of mold development. Molds are extremely hazardous to the health of the inhabitants and need to be removed as soon as possible. Usually, molds can be cleaned up but that should be done at the earliest. 


Loss of lives

Water flooding not only brings in pollutants to the home but is also a reason for the drowning of pets, people, livestock and crops. The dirt and debris that are brought in by flood water can cause many health ailments too. This is because there is an infinite number of bacteria and germs that get carried with this water. The dirt that gets accumulated inside is garbage from outside which further acts as a breeding ground for pests and this can complicate the matter. 


The damages caused due to flood water does not stop here. Anything that comes in contact with the water of flood can be damaged irrespective of the item and material.

Having said that, there are other things too that gets damaged and they are –



Any kind of vehicle, especially the smaller one, when it gets submerged in the flood water will become faulty. If flood water gets inside a vehicle it becomes tough to repair them and their parts. Here you need to understand the significance of flood water removal.



As far as buildings are concerned, nothing stands tall in front of a natural calamity. Any architectural construction can be moved from their foundation by a few inches depending on the intensity of the flood. History has also seen houses and buildings being washed off due to heavy floods. 


Insulation and drywall 

The insulation of a home can also get damaged due to stagnant floodwater. Furthermore, the drywall can also get destroyed similarly and the cooling and heating systems also face a similar condition. The flooring of a home also gets affected negatively, especially if it is wooden or marble. 


Electrical systems 

electrical systems of a home can get affected which is very dangerous and can also be fatal at times. The other utilities that can get destroyed and warped are the gas systems. They are hugely affected by the floodwaters because of the height that can be reached. 


What is important to note during a flood is the height that flood water can reach and this is a crucial role in determining the damage caused. You have to think of your safety as well as keep documentation for better precaution and care. It is also important that you let your insurance provider know of all the damages that have occurred. This is required so that they take steps that are recommended and the best effective solution to your problem. Flood damage restoration services will have professionals who will visit the site to evaluate the damage and destruction. 


Water extraction services are there to extract and clean the entire floodwater that has settled in your property. The professionals make use of expert services which further ensures to decrease the drying time of the water and clean up molds as well. They make sure all kinds of flood water damage is taken care of and restored. The services also use high-pressure pumps and heavy-duty equipment to remove hundreds and thousands of gallons of floodwater from your home. Water damage and flood damage are two different kinds of calamities and their consequences are also different. 


Any kind of water outlet leakage leads to water damage which can affect the interior, exterior and basement of a building. While flooding is more of a natural calamity which also affects the interior and exterior in hazardous ways. Standing water is a threat not only to your building but also creates stubborn damage that becomes irreversible if not treated on time. It requires immediate attention else nothing can stop the destruction to your property which includes interiors, exteriors as well as the basement. Water damage can happen due to a burst pipe or a malfunctioned pump and even an overflowing toilet which is hardly noticeable at first. 


If you have noticed any water spots on your basement or interior walls, check out the problem area. In case you are not able to do so, get in touch with water removal companies and their experts will arrange for a site evaluation. If not treated this gives way to cracked walls, rotten floors, mold growth, and other structural damages. When water seeps in through the cracks of the walls, they do bring in the development of bacteria and fungi which are harmful to the health of the residents. 


Additionally, if your house has wooden flooring or if the floor is covered with thick carpets, the moisture will be trapped inside. The seepage on walls is not always visible and the moisture content needs to be checked with a device. The same is with walls as you may decorate your walls with wallpaper or tiles and the moisture gets trapped. As a result, the moisture becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria. That said, there are professional services to help you clean up your property and restore it to the best condition. 


Water damage restoration – what to expect?

  1. · While going for a water damage restoration service, always remember to understand the problem area and the necessary steps that are recommended.
  2. · Expert services will have all the necessary tools, equipment, devices and knowledge to treat a situation.
  3. · Professional water damage restoration services will provide documentation of all the steps that have been implemented.
  4. · A thorough examination of the site and problem area will be conducted by the site supervisor and team.
  5. · The team will have a moisture detection device and sensors to determine the level of destruction.
  6. · A visual inspection and evaluation of the site will be conducted in the entire property and not just the areas that have visible water damage. 
  7. · Proper photographic details will be taken and shared accordingly to solve the issues.
  8. · Proper plan of action to control and eradicate the destruction wherein the first step is water extraction followed by disposal and drying.


The steps followed are basic and very simple in a professional water damage restoration service.


  1. · If there are any objects that need to be packed and removed, that is done and is stored in a dry place nearby.
  2. · After water extraction, the water is first disposed of to a suitable place and then the affected area is dried. This drying up is done by huge blowers and dehumidifiers which absorb all the moisture content from the affected area. 
  3. · The step is further followed by cleaning the furniture, upholstery, soft furnishings, removal and cleaning of the carpet. Every object that is a part of the space is removed, cleaned and reinstalled.
  4. · The damages that affect the structure is thoroughly cleaned and repaired with the help of qualified contractors.
  5. · In case the area has mold and mildew growth, mold removal specialists come into the picture to clean that up. 


The importance of mold and mildew removal is a part that one should be aware of as they are extremely hazardous to the health of the residents. Mold growth and development in the walls of a building are not a pleasant experience to the eye. Apart from the aesthetic point of view, molds are also harmful to human health. As soon as the walls of a building retain moisture, mold development is inevitable and they spread rapidly as well. It takes only 2-3 days for mold to develop and multiply. 


Mold spores are invisible to the human eye as they are microscopic and keep floating in the air around us. They enter the indoors through the air ducts of cooling or heating systems, fur on pets or human clothes and even through doors and windows. They breed on moisture and multiply rapidly when exposed to water content. Before addressing the mold formation, it is necessary to find out the moisture or water source else they will return. Molds usually emit a strong and pungent odor that is not good for inhalation. 

a. Molds carry many kinds of pollutants that act as a catalyst to many kinds of allergic reactions to the human body. They have the potential to increase many health ailments like a. Eye and skin allergies

b. Respiratory tract allergies

c. Breathing difficulties like asthma, etc.


Mold testing and inspection supervisors suggest that the humidity level indoors should be less than 45 % as more than this percentage can act as thriving ground for mold growth. If you suspect that your home or office has mold growth, always contact a trustworthy and professional service. They have certified credentials, equipment, knowledge, and training to take control of the situation. Also, during the mold inspection of your site, the air ducts and vents of your heating and cooling systems will be checked. 


The checking of all moisture-based areas is pivotal during the process of mold removal. This is because, as mentioned above, areas that have more moisture or water content act as an accelerator to mold development. The professionals will start by sealing the work area so that the spores do not spread out in the entire space. The equipment used for the removal of mold is hi-tech and expensive such as HEPA vacuums and air scrubbers. They also use dehumidifiers that are commercially available because of the strength it gives to dry the are of the moisture. What is important is to get all the wall surfaces that had mold growth cleaned properly along with the air ducts and vents as they retain a huge amount of moisture. 


The vitality of air duct cleaning is a topic that cannot be ignored because they improve indoor air quality. Along with giving out the best quality air, it also increases the efficiency of the HVAC system of your house. Clean air ducts and vents ensure that all the heating and cooling systems of the house gives maximum performance and best quality indoor air. Air ducts and vents collect a huge amount of dirt and debris which restricts the airflow to and from the device. They also help to stop the mold growth once dried off the moisture from the system. 

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Lisa McIntyre has always resided in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. She graduated from University of Cincinnati with a degree in Applied Science. Ultimately, her passion for science and teaching came to fruition after her husband requested her assistance in developing Dry Effect Restoration Services. She was able to develop her knowledge, degrees and certifications further in many indoor air quality associations and organizations. Thus allowing her to educate Realtors and Insurance Agents on the damages that many common indoor air quality irritants and water bacterial growths can lead to in ones home or business. Over 10 years later she’s glad to have taken the leap of faith to assist her husband what seemed to be a fun project into a lifetime achievement and to see the individuals she teaches prosper from their newly found knowledge.

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