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Do you really need mold removal?

The presence of mold in homes is emblematic of a serious threat to the lives of the residents. Mold is such a word that sends shivers down the spine of homeowners. But what is it really about this dreadful intruder that leaves landowners and business owners panic-stricken?

Molds are fungi which are a part of our natural environment. Their growth is accelerated when they land in the damp areas of our homes. They preferably seek out warmer, humid climates or dead organic matter to feed on to prosper. Mold growth is favored when it’s indoors hence why mold removal is so important.

Short exposure to mold is insignificant in causing us harm. But a hefty exposure to these molds can undoubtedly cause many health problems.

Many of us are unable to detect mold in our homes and we unknowingly, develop allergies to mold. Therefore, it is of prime importance to get to know whether the mold is making you sick or not.

Mold Removal

But a question arises here that how can you figure this out?

You are absolutely at the right place if you wish to get an answer to your question. We’ll unleash the facts and signs that will help you know whether the mold is making you sick or not.

First, let’s become a bit more conversant with the mold and their targets in our homes and buildings.

Mold is to be blamed for turning your highly valued possessions into something that only seems fit for the garbage. Mold resides on almost every surface and material in our homes including fabric, wood, carpet, paper, attic, gypsum, drywall, kitchen drains, ceilings, floorings, and furnishings.

Nothing remains safe when your home is fraught with mold. This very point emphasizes on the fact that if mold cause this much damage to our belongings, to what extent they can be a menace to our physical and mental health? You may need a mold removal plan.

How can you realize that mold is making you sick?

Some of the signs that can make you aware of mold sickness are as follows:

  1. Can’t stop sneezing

If you can’t hold back sneezing or itching whenever you’re home, you probably are affected by these molds. This is a tell-tale sign to look for mold in your home. Carefully, inspect every damp place or spot such as bathrooms, kitchens, basements, water leaks, etc. for the presence of molds.

  1. Look for molds if sneezing continues infrequently

Also, if you can see water stains and discoloration on walls, this is indicative of mold in and behind the walls. Peeling off the wallpaper and cracks in the walls and ceilings are also suggestive of mold attacks. These hidden molds remain obscure for longer periods. This is very alarming as their abundance puts you and your family members on the line.

  1. Experience allergic reactions

Additionally, if you get frequent nosebleeds, skin rashes, watery and itchy eyes, sore throat, chest stiffness, you need to immediately consult a doctor as all these symptoms mirror those of mold allergies. These allergic reactions make you pretty sure that you are not at all the owner of your house. Mold holds more than half of your shares. They have been accompanying you for quite a long time.

  1. Asthma attacks become frequent

People who are already suffering from any lung disorder or asthma, their condition becomes upside down. They face trouble in breathing, suffer from chills, congestion, and chest stiffening. If your asthma begins to aggravate, you need to be mindful that it could be possibly because of molds that have successfully gained entry into your home with the intent to cause you harm.

If you notice all these things, you can realize that you have mold in your home that are making you sick. Mold poisoning and mold allergies-both are caused by excessive inhalation of mycotoxins and mold spores respectively.

Having known all the dangerous effects, it might be popping in your head that how these molds can be prevented?

Here are listed some of the ways for mold removal in your home.

  1. Keep an eagle eye on water leaks and if you find any water damage, take no time to fix it
  2. Keep your air conditioner clean
  3. Ensure proper air-flow and ventilation
  4. Clean all the surfaces and don’t forget to dry them
  5. Install exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens
  6. Purify air by HEPA filters
  7. Avoid carpets and other such materials that constantly trap mold spores
  8. Change filters on your furnaces and air conditioners regularly
  9. Lower humidity levels in your homes as much as you can



If you are living with mold, you are living in constant danger. As well if you’re sneezing uncontrollably, you are at a risk to develop any medical issue. Hence if your immune system overreacts in response to any mold exposure, you are allergic to these dreaded intruders.

Therefore, controlling these molds is of supreme importance. Otherwise, they will keep posing health risks. Don’t permit mold to hide in your homes and buildings. Just do something to get them out of your homes. Make your home a place to live comfortably by eliminating these molds. Call Dry Effect for your mold removal and testing services.

You need to work for your well-being by taking the initiative now. Just take it!

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