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The best restoration experts are highly sought after. Therefore, it can be difficult to get a date from their schedule. Sometimes it looks tempting to just go with restoration experts that provide you quick services.

However, as tempting as it may look but it doesn’t always turn out to be the right decision. Not all restoration companies are the same. So, it is recommended to do a little research before hiring restoration experts for any house repair.

Preferred Vendor

In case you are dealing with insurance companies, they will refer you to a preferred vendor. These insurance companies market the restoration experts for free in return for a small commission. It looks appealing to restoration companies, as they no longer need to invest in marketing their business.

By sacrificing some of their margins, these preferred vendors will get the work in bulk & gets the opportunity to earn more money.

Is it ethical?

This is where the questions of ethics arise.

If a restoration business owner, is receiving most of the leads from the preferred vendor list, are they really working for the benefit of homeowners?

Resist falling into that trap. Disasters and home repairs are stressful enough, but the restoration companies that are unsuited for the repair work in your home could make matters even worse. The work methods & use of equipment during the restoration will have a lasting impact on your home. Therefore, it’s necessary to ensure they work for you.

Are the Restoration Experts Qualified?

You need someone with the right kind of expertise – the kind that matches exactly what you need for your home restoration project.

1. Seek out specialized knowledge

Verify that the restoration company you hire is IICRC (Institute of Inspection Cleaning Restoration Certification) certified firm. The IICRC is a certification and standard-setting non-profit organization for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries.

Restoration work is more involved than you might think. Far beyond carpet cleaning or house cleaning, it may require structural repairs, engineering, or other highly specialized work. Thus, it is necessary to work with only certified professionals.

2. Hire a contractor who has a good reputation

Nowadays, posting reviews by customers has become a trend. Checking out these reviews helps other customers to make a decision before choosing the service of a particular company.

So, you can check google reviews, Facebook, BBB, and other outlets to ensure that your restoration experts have a good market reputation. Read all the recent reviews (both good & bad).

Do your homework even though it may look tiresome during the time of urgency.

Thoroughly check potential home repair contractors

When you have a home disaster, it’s natural to feel a sense of urgency. But it’s important to take some time while making the selection for restoration companies. That includes verifying a number of details:

  1. Vet their skills and experience. Particularly experience in managing insurance-related claims (in-case you are claiming the insurance).
  2. Make sure it is an IICRC certified firm. If you are already in search of a restoration company, check out the IICRC Global Locator.
  3. Check their insurance coverage and make sure it’s in full effect. Go beyond getting a copy of the contractor’s insurance paperwork and call his or her insurance provider. If the contractor you are seeking to hire can’t provide this paperwork then it is a red flag! Look elsewhere.
  4. Verify the worker’s compensation credentials. Certainly take the time to confirm that this coverage is in effect, otherwise, you may be responsible if workers are injured while working on your property.

Go a step further

If you are planning to hire a mold remediation specialist there are additional certifications other than IICRC. It is ever too common for us to hear that XYZ competitor is claiming to be a hygienist or certified for titles that they frankly are not qualified to claim.

Using the ACAC Certificant Database, you can easily verify the credentials of your restoration experts.

Dry Effect takes it seriously to represent our company with its actual certifications & uphold these to make the best and honest decisions for our clients. Above all, you are our priority. That’s why we suggest to conduct research and find the best restoration contractor for you.

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