What Determines the Cost of a Water Damage Restoration Job?

Water is a necessary part of our daily lives. However, if it gets into the places where it should not, it may cause a tremendous amount of damage to your property. And there are numerous ways that water can reach unwanted places in your home.

For more clarity, let’s list down a few causes for water damage:

  1. Leaky or bursting pipes
  2. Plumbing issues
  3. Foundation cracks
  4. Water build up in crawl spaces, basements or attics
  5. HVACs (Heating, ventilating and air conditioning units) issues
  6. Flood, storms or other natural disasters

Regardless of the cause, if the water is not removed within 24 – 48 hours, it may worsen the situation. And the result can appear in the form of mold, mildew as well as wood rot. So, it’s best to get in touch with a professional as soon as possible for water damage restoration services.

Unfortunately, if your house is affected by the water damage, the first question that comes to the mind is how much does it going to cost? The question can get you worried but believe us it would get worse if you will delay the process.

Factors Affecting the Water Restoration and Mitigation Cost

What Determines the Cost of a Water Damage Restoration Job?

To understand how much water damage restoration costs, it is vital to understand the factors defining the price of the water restoration process. The following factors determine your cost of water damage restoration:

1. Amount of Water:

The volume of water is directly related to the amount of damage that occurred. After all, extracting the space after a small leak is cheaper than restoring the area after a huge flood.

2. Category of Water:

Water is categorized into three types: clean, grey and black water. Cleaning the damage caused by water with more contaminants is more expensive than others.

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3. Source of the Water:

The source of water is vital in determining the restoration process since replacing a piece of pipe is cheaper than hot water heater.

4. Length of Time:

The more the water sits in the affected area, the more damage caused. The restoration experts can clean and dry the affected area within a few hours. But if it is kept for more time, things may need to get replaced.

5. Size of the Affected Area:

The size of the area is the most important factor while calculating the water restoration cost. The flood caused by the dishwasher in the kitchen is cheaper to clean than the basement flood.

6. Amount of Reconstruction:

It totally depends on the amount of reconstruction required while cleaning the affected area. Extracting and drying are cheaper than carpeting and new drywall.

7. Type of Materials Involved:

The type of material that got damaged impacts the cost of restoring. A well-maintained basement is expensive than an unfinished basement.

8. Mold Removal:

The water restoration cost includes the amount of mold growth on the walls. If mold removal is necessary, the cost of cleanup would likely be higher.

The Average Water Damage Restoration Cost

On the low, water restoration may cost $500, reaching up to $7500. And the average water restoration cost is $2500-$2700. The cost varies depending upon the factors discussed as well as the service provider you are going to choose!

  1. Clean Water Category 1: $3.75 per square foot
  2. Gray Water Category 2: $4.50 per square foot
  3. Black Water Category 3: $7.00 per square foot

These are just rough estimates. If you have got your insurance, it is likely to cover damage caused by a sudden and accidental water event, including floods.

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How to Receive the Best Price on Water Damage Restoration?

Calling a professional at the initial stage is the best decision. Since the professionals can easily manage and understand the sign of water damage. Also, you can prevent materials from being soaked into water for a longer time.

This will even reduce your water restoration cost. Usually, a water restoration company offers a 30-minute response rate and 24/7 emergency service.

Understanding your Insurance Cover:

Standard insurance policies cover the water damage caused by accidental events. It includes damage caused by tank failures, toilet overflows, and water supply line issues.

However, water damage caused by floods and hurricanes is typically not covered in the insurance policies.

Final Thoughts:

If you are looking to limit the price of water damage repairs, act immediately and begin with water damage cleanup. The more you delay, the more likely the cost of cleanup and restoration will go up.

If you have any water damage, feel free to get in touch with us. We will help you in getting the job done at the best prices and in a cleaned way.

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