If you asked random people what Water Restoration companies do, you would find that most people don’t actually know, unless of course they work in the industry.

Water Damage Restoration Companies are the people to call when your office bathroom springs a leak and floods an entire floor. Or when the pipes in your apartment building break, and water begins to leak out of the walls.

However, they do more than just clean up. They critically examine the damage done, find the source of the damage, fix the problem and work according to an elaborate restoration plan to turn back the hand of the clock. Above all return things to the way they were before the incident. This restoration process is inclusive of building structure, property, and all furnishings.

Prevent that 4 Letter Word

Water restoration companies are also able to prevent mold from growing on water damaged property. Mold is a fungus made of multicellular filaments, that thrives in wet and damp areas.

Mold is quick to grow on anything left out wet and cold and as such are eager to mar buildings, furniture, and property after a water incident. They can grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours. They are not a pretty sight and smell like rotten wood and an unclean moistness. Certainly you don’t want them in your home or in your office and that’s why one goal of water restoration is to eradicate them. Read more in What is that smell? Is that mold?.

It doesn’t have to be in the event of a water incident that water restoration companies can be hired. They can also be hired for the installment of preventive measures to water incidents.

Water restoration companies are also right there in the fray after natural disasters like hurricanes and floods to help with cleaning up, and repairs. They are in charge of repairing things like messed up wires in the area, ruined buildings and much more.

Why Hire A Restoration Company?

Water restoration is a very important field. And it is advisable that one not attempt to do it themselves but defer to a professional to do the job. There are many possible dangers in dealing with water restoration unprofessionally. For example:

Unseen hazards:

Sometimes, wires can get submerged in the water unbeknownst to an unsuspecting person. And the seemingly innocent flood can suddenly become deadly shallows, electrocuting the ill-prepared victim. A professional Water Restoration Contractor is always prepared for the event of electrified water. And can navigate it safely to do the job. There could also be more hazards, like sewage, which is very unsanitary. Thus can lead to health problems, or even chemicals, which could kill.

A null diagnosis:

Self help in water restoration cases can be problematic as one might successfully clean up the water. However in an attempt to find the source of the problem, fail miserably. It might appear to be a leaky tap meanwhile it is actually a broken pipe. Therefore leading one to replace a working tap, only to face the problem of a flood again after spending money on fixing a fake problem. Water restoration companies go as far as using probes and infrared sensors in the search for the problem. So you can rest assured that a professional will find the real problem and fix it.  Hence when you pay, you pay with assurance that you will not have to face that problem again in your near future.

Failure to handle connected problems:

When a water incident occurs, the water is not the only problem. Other problems are bound to spring up from the issue. Such as wooden furniture or floors beginning to rot, mold growing, an unpleasant moist smell developing, and the overall dilapidation of the building. Water restoration contractors are professionals who know how to prevent and fix these problems. They do a thorough job. And can restore your entire building such that you would not even remember that the incident occurred.

A more difficult process:

While a nonprofessional would struggle with the process of cleanup, armed with perhaps just a mop, and take much longer to properly dry affected areas. Water restoration companies have heavy machinery like large pumps and heavy power fans. Which are the necessary tools to quickly move water, and dry the entire place. The drying is only half the work as usually floods and leaks will mean a lot of dirt, smell and contamination. Water restoration companies are also well equipped to handle the extra cleaning and decontamination.

In Conclusion

Overall it is much easier to simply hire the professionals. Because you get the work done properly than to suffer through trying to fix it on your own. Just as one calls the fire department when uncontrollable fires break out, to stop the fire and determine the cause of the fire in the first place. Water restoration companies are the ones to call when water incidents take place.

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Lisa McIntyre has always resided in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. She graduated from University of Cincinnati with a degree in Applied Science. Ultimately, her passion for science and teaching came to fruition after her husband requested her assistance in developing Dry Effect Restoration Services. She was able to develop her knowledge, degrees and certifications further in many indoor air quality associations and organizations. Thus allowing her to educate Realtors and Insurance Agents on the damages that many common indoor air quality irritants and water bacterial growths can lead to in ones home or business. Over 10 years later she’s glad to have taken the leap of faith to assist her husband what seemed to be a fun project into a lifetime achievement and to see the individuals she teaches prosper from their newly found knowledge.

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